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Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 7: EVAR with suprarenal fixation – Technologies available today


  • To get knowledge and experience in the indication for EVAR with this type of device
  • To discuss how the use of suprarenal fixation may improve the long-term results of EVAR
  • To translate new scientific knowledge into meaningful advances in patient care


October 27, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 5: EVAR – Challenging “Renal Patient”


  • To learn how to manage your patient with renal insufficiency: medication, alternative imaging possibilities, role of supra- or infrarenal fixation on renal function outcome
  • To discuss how to deal with accessory renal arteries, what size is worth saving and how?
  • Best option in horseshoe kidney
October 13, 2020 3 Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 6: EVAR – Challenging aortic neck


  • To learn about specific complexity of some challenging situations
  • To share expected and unexpected experiences and how to deal with them
  • To demonstrate bailout procedures using limited devices that are available within a limited time window
  • To learn how to plan the procedure when the aortic neck is short/ angulated/ tapered/ bulked
October 20, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS Part 2 Episode 1: Elective AAA – From imaging to decision making & planning


  • To learn how to interpret CT-angiography in different AAA scenarios
  • To learn how to assess the underlying anatomy and plan the treatment
  • To discuss how to decide between EVAR and open surgery
  • To discuss the best treatment options for patients presenting with AAA
September 15, 2020 3 Comments

J Tall Rounds®: Thrombotic Complications and Hypercoagulability associated with COVID-19 Infection

Dr. G. Jay Bishop discusses incidence and types of thrombosis at the “Thrombotic Complications and Hypercoagulability associated with COVID-19 Infection” Tall Rounds®.

Watch the full session, http://consultqdlive.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/0_vwdj7yal

Talking Tall Rounds® Podcast: COVID-19 Thrombotic Complications and Hypercoagulability, https://my.clevelandclinic.org/podcasts/cardiac-consult/talking-tallrounds-covid-19-thrombotic-complications-and-hypercoagulability 

Live case

Aortic Arch Stenting

Dr. Eric E. Roselli, Director of the Aorta Center, discusses Aortic Arch Stenting: The Cleveland Clinic Technique at the 2019 CLE Care of Aortic Dissection Symposium.

Sign up to learn more about the Comprehensive Lifelong Expeditious (CLE) Care of Aortic Disease™ Symposium, September 17 – 18, 2021, www.ccfcme.org/aorticdisease21

Visit the Cleveland Clinic Aorta Center, https://my.clevelandclinic.org/departments/heart/depts/aorta-center

Recorded case
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Case using Najuta stent graft (fenestrated) to preserve 3 branch vessels

This video is the recorded case of the treatment of the aortic aneurysm by a fenestrated stent graft, Kawasumi Najuta stent graft system to preserve all branch vessels, performed in Japan.