About Vascupedia

What is Vascupedia?

Vascupedia is a unique online project that we believe fulfills the need for free education in the challenging field of Vascular Medicine.

Our mission

Our mission is to help physicians worldwide to bring their interventions to perfection. Our hope is to indirectly contribute to safety and well-being of patients with vascular diseases.

Which is the added value of Vascupedia?

Vascupedia is free for everybody and combines all-in-one:

  1. an active platform (Main Arena), where registered physicians or researchers (Vascupedians) can upload their scientific presentations, case reports, vascular images, reviews or questions to their colleagues. This platform is completely independent of the industry and the Vascupedians have the opportunity to highlight their work and to share their experience, to learn new techniques, to discuss on several issues regarding their daily practice and finally to foster their networking. Please check our instructions for authors and editorial policy before starting the upload of your presentation or video.
  2. a voting platform (Polling Station), where registered physicians or researchers can vote on a monthly basis on controversial questions, cases, and debates concerning different interesting topics in Vascular Medicine. This platform serves as a tool to address current practice worldwide, to define investigation topics of future clinical trials, to answer controversial issues in Vascular Medicine and to understand unmet needs of the physicians. The participants are able to see after the completion of their voting the opinion of an invited expert as well as the ongoing results.
  3. an exhibition platform (Exhibition Area), where registered companies provide a comprehensive and credible product information according to the indication for use. This includes features and characteristics of the product, animations, expert’s opinions, related literature and lectures, the save-the-date announcement of workshops and sponsored symposia, recorded video cases and links to webinars. This platform is supported by the industry and serves as a communication channel between Vascupedians and manufacturers. All companies are equally presented in alphabetical order. Hence, every Vascupedian has a fair overview of all manufacturers regardless the size of the company or number of the products.
  4. additional educational platforms like Journal Club, Guidelines or Conference Calendar. These platforms serve as a tool for physicians to stay updated about literature highlights, to facilitate their decision making in accordance with evidence-based medicine and to organize their ongoing education through the entire year respectively.

Be a Vascupedian

Vascupedia is an open-access platform for everybody. The reason is that we aim to free education for medical professionals worldwide. However, every physician, researcher, nurse or technicians is welcomed to support this initiative and to be a member of this team, i.e. to be a Vascupedian. This step requires your registration as Vascupedian.

The advantages of being a Vascupedian are the following:

  • you can upload your scientific work in order that everybody is aware of your research
  • you can inform other physicians about interesting case reports, considering also the difficulty to publish these cases in scientific journals
  • you can highlight special techniques that you have developed or adopted in your daily practice
  • you can upload interesting vascular images to educate your colleagues or to challenge their knowledge
  • you can ask other Vascupedians about their opinion in difficult clinical scenarios or on study outcomes
  • you can comment on uploads of other Vascupedians, discuss with them and learn from this kind of networking
  • you can express your opinion and actively vote for the Topic of the Week at Polling Station

The clap-button

All visitors of Vascupedia are welcome to acknowledge the value of the uploads of other Vascupedians with applause any time that they think that an upload is valuable for their clinical practice.

OneViewX by SparkBio

SparkBio (http://www.sparkbio.it) is an official partner of Vascupedia. The OneViewX system is a very innovative product of the company. It is a modern software technology for video and analog signals acquisition at surgery and interventional rooms. The software integrates WebEx APIs for remote support and e-learning integration. OneViewX system allows you to record the entire interventional procedure. This means that the system records into a unique video file (.avi extension) each video signal coming from the medical devices connecting to OneView workstation (Fluoroscopy, MacLab IVUS, camera, etc) simultaneously. Furthermore, the system allows the broadcast in real time of the screen by using the internet (CISCO WEBX application). This enables several scenarios for the physician as teleproctoring, e-learning and remote assistance of physicians from the other side of the world.  Learn More about OneView Technology by visiting the official website www.oneviewx.com.

Become a partner

Our aim is to help medical professionals to provide better decisions in vascular medicine every day. You can too. Vascupedia is free of charge, open access and available everywhere: in the physician’s office, at home, on the go. Use our platform to inform the physicians on a daily basis about the effectiveness of your products and techniques, where it matters most. Take the opportunity and become our partner, here.

The development team

Meet Manxdesign, the developers behind Vascupedia.

The Team

Theodosios Bisdas, MD
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Arne Stachmann
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Giovanni B. Torsello, MD
Chief of Board
Marc Bosiers, MD
Chief of Board
Giovanni F. Torsello, MD, BA
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Martin Schroeder, MD, BA
Authorized Officer
Oezguen Sensebat, MD
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Michel Bosiers, MD
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Konstantinos Stavroulakis, MD
Efthymios Beropoulis, MD
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Bastian Görgens
Advisor Visual Content / Social Media

Vascupedians of excellence

Efthymios Avgerinos, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, United States
Sotirios Bisdas, MD
Interventional Radiologist
University College of London
London, United Kingdom
Dittmar Boeckler, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany
Marianne Brodmann, MD
University of Graz
Graz, Switzerland
Frank Criado, MD
Vascular Surgeon
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland USA
Konstantinos Donas, MD
Vascular Surgeon
St. Franziskus Hospital
Muenster, Germany
Gianmarco de Donato, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Siena
Siena, Italy
Gert J. de Borst, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University Medical Center Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
Koen Deloose, MD
Vascular Surgeon
AZ Sint-Blasius Dendermonde
Dendermonde, Belgium
Mohammad Eslami, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, United States
Fabrizio Fanelli, MD
Interventional Radiologist
University of Florence
Florence, Italy
Roberto Ferraresi, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Humanitas Gavazzeni Bergamo
Bergamo, Italy
Mauro Gargiulo, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy
Fernando Gallardo, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Quironsalud Hospital
Malaga, Spain

Efstratios Georgakarakos, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Medical School, Democritus University of Thrace Alexandroupolis, Greece
Athanasios Giannoukas, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University Clinic of Larissa
Larissa, Greece
Peter Gloviczki, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Mayo Clinic Rochester
Minnesota, United States
Yann Gouëffic, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University Hospital of Nantes (CHU)
Nantes, France
Andrew Holden, MD
Interventional Radiologist
Auckland University School
Auckland, New Zealand
Bella Huasen, MD
Interventional Radiologist
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals
Preston, United Kingdom
Stavros Kakkos, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Patras,
Patras, Greece
Tilo Koelbel, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
Theodoros Kratimenos, MD
interventional Radiologist
Evaggelismos General Hospital of Athens
Athen, Greece
Steven Kum, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Farrer Park Hospital
Michael Lichtenberg, MD
Klinikum Arnsberg
Arnsberg, Germany
Francesco Liistro, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
San Donato Hospital
Milano, Italy
Michel Makaroun, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, United States
Martin Malina, MD
Vascular Surgeon,
Lund University
Lund, Sweden
Alexandros Mallios, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Institut Montsouris Paris
Paris, France
Marco Manzi, MD
Interventional Radiologist
Policlinico di Abano SPA
Abano Terme, Italy
Martin Maresch, MD
Vascular Surgeon
BDF Hospital-Royal Medical Services
Ar-Rifaa, Kingdom of Bahrain
Antonio Micari, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Maria Cecilia Hospital
Cotignola, Italy
Joseph Mills, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Baylor College of Medicine Houston
Houston, United States
Frans Moll, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University Medical Center Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands
Miguel Montero-Baker, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Baylor College of Medicine Houston
Houston, United States
Jihad Mustapha, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Amputation Prevention Centers, Grand Rapids, United States
Mariano Palena, MD
Interventional Radiologist
Policlinico Abano Terme
Abano Terme Italy
Sandeep Raj Pandey, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Annapurna Hospital & Norvic International Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal
Giovanni Pratesi, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Rome
Rome, Italy
Zoran Rancic, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland
Bernhard Reimers, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Humanitas Clinical and Research Institute
Milan Italy
Jean-Baptiste Ricco, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Poitiers
Poitiers, France
Fadi Saab, MD
Interventional Cardiologist,
Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Amputation Prevention Centers, Grand Rapids, United States
Antoine Sauguet, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Clinique Sarrus
Toulouse, France
Filippo Scalise, MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Policlinico di Monza
Monza, Italy
Horst Sievert, MD
Interventional Cardiologist, Angiologist
CardioVasculäres Centrum Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany
Masayuki, Sugimoto, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Nagoya
Nagoya, Japan
Arne Schwindt, MD
Vascular Surgeon
St. Franziskus Hospital
Muenster, Germany
Santi Trimarchi, MD
Vascular Surgeon
University of Milan
Milan, Italy
Jos C. van den Berg, MD
Interventional Radiologist
Ospedale Regionale di Lugano
Lugano, Switzerland
Carlos Vaquero, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Valladolid University Hospital
Valladolid, Spain
Frank Veith, MD
Vascular Surgeon
New York, United States
Walter Wohlgemuth, MD
Interventional Radiologist
University Clinic Halle
Halle, Germany
Thomas Zeller, MD
University Heart Center Bad Krozingen
Bad Krozingen, Germany

Advisory Board

Timo Söderlund
Patient Advocate Aortic Diseases
Boras, Sweden
K. Priyadarshini
Technical Manager, JSMCentral
Julian Rieck
Business Development Manager, AngioConsult
Tim Ulrich
CEO, Manx Design
Jeroen Wauters
CEO, Foundation for Cardiovascular Research and Education
Benjamin Wüstenhagen
Managing Director Cornelsen eCademy GmbH,
Founder K.lab educmedia GmbH
Sebastiano Zannoli
CEO Sparkbio