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Advertisement & Awareness

Make the physicians and the patients worldwide aware of your efforts to improve vascular health. Present your products according to their indications for use. Convince the physicians why, when and how to use your device. Use the unique platform of Vascupedia to provide technical characteristics, animations, recorded cases, literature highlights and interviews from specialists. Make them trust you.

Custom Research

Take the opportunity to learn more about your customers, about their needs and challenges. It is important to your company to have this kind of feedback. The Main Arena, the Polling Station and the Exhibition Area are few of the features, which will offer the interaction that your company is looking for. If you upload your product in our website, this will reach any physician worldwide. And the physician will reach you.


Use this unique educational platform to educate physicians worldwide. Help them to bring their interventions to perfection. Secure the validity of the information that they receive about your products. Make their daily practice simpler and safer. Deliver your ideas and your message to the most powerful audience of healthcare professionals in Vascular Medicine. Support them by decision making.