Editorial policy

Updated 01 May 2018, Copyright Vascupedia


The registered Vascupedians have to be health care professionals, who are willing to upload educational and scientific content that will help other physicians and professionals to:


  1. a) optimize their knowledge regarding the diagnosis and the management of vascular disease
  2. b) facilitate their decision-making process
  3. c) improve their technical skills and,
  4. d) bring their interventions to perfection


Vascupedia is an open-access platform, thus any posts aiming to provide awareness about current vascular diseases or relevant risk factors (e.g. smoking cessation, critical limb ischemia, screening programs etc.) are more than welcome.


Any submitted work or presentation must be in accordance with Vascupedia´s editorial policy. All authors are fully responsible for the content and are accountable for the accuracy and integrity of their presentations. The author(s) carries the full responsibility for any harm caused by the content of their presentations to third persons /institutions.


Review process


Presentations including original clinical or experimental research have to be previously published in a peer-reviewed journal, which has to be mentioned in the title page (see Instructions for Authors). These presentations will principally be reviewed by our Key Opinion Leaders and editorial board prior to publication in the Main Arena.


Case reports, vascular images, questions to Vascupedians and comments in the forums will be published automatically. All uploaded content will be screened for scientific accuracy and infringing content. In case of controversial uploaded content (e.g. off-the-shelf techniques, treatment strategies against current guidelines, potentially harmful techniques, personal opinions etc.), Vascupedia has the right to invite an expert to comment on this.


Vascupedia has the right to withdrawn, without informing the user, any automatically uploaded content or any comment in the forums if this:

  1. contains ads and promotions for products or services without a scientific background.
  2. includes negative comments on any persons, products or techniques that are inadequate or not supported by well-addressed and reasonable reasons
  3. includes non-medical, unethical, misleading, deceitful, insolent, threatening, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, religious or illegal content


The decision for uploading or rejection from the editors must be objective and fair, without any conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest exists, the decision will be made by another member of the Key Opinion Leaders organized in the Advisory Board of Vascupedia. Every Vascupedian has the right to contact us in case that he disagrees with the decision of the Editorial Board.


Vascupedia will disable automatically any accounts found using infringing, obscene, misleading or harmful content without informing the user.


The authors should provide transparent information regarding their conflict(s) of interest and when funding is obtained. The submitting author must ensure that the work/ presentation is original and made/ written by him and all co-authors. All data/ images must be original, true and not manipulated. Authors can republish something that they have published elsewhere as long as it is their original content and they own the copyright of. If the authors do not own certain illustrations, tables, quotations, etc., they must provide the source and/or they must have written permission to use these data/ images. All sources should be clearly cited and, if necessary, permission should be obtained. Such permission should be sent by email at info@vascupedia.com


Authors also ensure that their uploaded content does not infringe on any right of others (including privacy and intellectual property rights). The author carries exclusively the responsibility in case of any copyright violation or plagiarism.


Furthermore, the author(s) should hereby ensure that research involving human subjects, material or data follow the principles outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki and must be approved by the local ethics committee. Informed consent of all patients has to be obtained. Patient confidentiality protection is mandatory, and patient data should be anonymized or erased. Any experimental model in animals has to be in accordance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals or national guidelines, which have to be mentioned. If any violation of the aforementioned requirements is noticed after the upload, the content will be deleted or sent back to the author.


Vascupedia will be co-owner of the contents uploaded. The author can request the deletion of their uploads from our platform at any time. Vascupedia keeps the right to distribute your uploads with the name of the author on other social media platforms. Since the Vascupedia platform is publicly available, the authors agree automatically that the content of their upload can be shared on the world wide web.


Vascupedia and the editors disclaim any responsibility or liability for the uploaded material. Statements and opinions are solely those of the authors, and not necessarily those of Vascupedia and the editors.