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Technical note

TAAA treatment with new precannulated off the shelf endograft

We present the case of a patient with a type IV thoracoabdominal aneurysm treated with the new off-the-shelf precannulated endograft E-nside.

step by step procedure reported in the video record

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Recorded video case

Endoluminal leiomyomatosis of the lower vena cava with extension to the right atrium

We present a case of a 57-year-old patient who underwent total abdominal hysterectomy plus right salpingoophorectomy in 2018, subsequently performed diagnostic images showing an injury that occupies the lumen of the inferior vena cava and extends from the right iliac vein to the atrium; initially percutaneous extraction is attempted, which is failed, which is why the patient is scheduled for open surgery (laparotomy) in conjunction with the department of hepato-biliary and cardiovascular surgery; in the operating room, it is approached by incision of Mercedes Benz, performing disinsertion and hepatic mobilization exposing the inferior vena cava, the same is incised and the tumor mass is betrayed until the lesion is completely removed.

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Endovascular Treatment of DVT | Dr. Dexter & Dr. Abramowitz | BackTable Podcast

Vascular Surgeons David Dexter and Steven Abramowitz discuss endovascular treatment of lower extremity DVT, including patient selection and risks and benefits of catheter-directed therapy (CDT), mechanical thrombectomy, and pharmaco-mechanical thrombolysis. BackTable

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Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 13: Reintervention after EVAR

– To review the current limitations of EVAR in challenging aortic anatomies
– To learn how to apply the different repair techniques and choose the aortic clamping sites during conversion.

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Recorded video case


65 yo patient IVC filter placed 2 years ago because in another center Chronic back pain since filter implantation. CT revealed filter proms perforating IVC one eroded lumbar vertebral body Endovascular approach was desestimated and open removal was performed
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Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 12: Surveillance: how and how often – best medical treatment


  • To translate new scientific knowledge into meaningful advances in patient care
  • To understand the role of Duplex and CT imaging in defining follow-up frequency after EVAR
  • To review how surveillance can be tailored to postoperative endoleak/rupture risk
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Interactive webinar recorded 01/12/20


  • – IVUS guided venous recanalization: How to do it
  • – Computed tomography venography vs. intravascular ultrasound in the diagnosis iliofemoral vein stenosis
  • – Future of IVUS based therapies for venous leg ulcers
  • – IVUS vs. fluoroscopic guided recanalization for iliofemoral obstruction:
  • Effective option to reduce radiation exposure during intervention.
  • – EUS & IUS guided endovascular venous recanalization


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Review of the literature

Sub-intimal vs Intra-luminal crossing of arterial CTOs

Are the outcomes affected by crossing type? How do we classify arterial dissections? Which dissection should be treated with additional tools?

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Endovascular AV Fistula Creation | Dr. Neghae Mawla | Dr. Chris Beck | BackTable Podcast

Interventional nephrologist Dr. Neghae Mawla from Dallas Nephrology Associates walks us through his experiences with endovascular AV Fistula creation, including devices, patient prep, procedure steps and post procedure care.

More information:

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Clinical investigation

Insights from the LIMBSAVE (treatment of critical Limb IscheMia with infragenicular Bypass adopting in situ SAphenous VEin technique) Registry

My presentation at Annual Congress of Portuguese Society of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery about LIMBSAVE Registry

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Michael Lichtenberg

OCT guided arterial recanalisation: How to interpret it and how do it

Arne Schwindt

Evidence for OCT guided atherectomy

Michael Lichtenberg

OCT-guided imaging work below the knee

Jaafer Golzar

Recorded case example of OCT imaging

Christos Rammos

Final discussion and closing remarks

Michael Lichtenberg

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Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

Vascupedia VIEWS AAA Course Episode 11: Postoperative care – Postop and the morning after, what to check before going home, PIS, need for ICU?


  • To learn about postoperative management in patients who have undergone EVAR
  • To discuss how to manage anticoagulation in combination with antiplatelet therapy


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Technical note

Vein interposition bypass of the SMA

SMA vein interposition bypass with reimplantation of jejunal arteries
Dissecting aneurysm of the SMA with previous ligation of hepatic artery due to a ruptured aneurysm 3 years before

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Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

Vascupedia VIEWS AAA Course Episode 10 :Troubleshooting: Renal artery coverage – Demanding cannulation of the contralateral limb – Intraoperative stenosis or occlusion of the contralateral limb – Intraoperative type Ia and Ib endoleak


  • To gain experience in technical aspects. Need for additional assessment and/or procedures.
  • To learn specific details of complex aortic procedures
  • To explore bailout options using existing devices
November 17, 2020 1 Comment
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 9: Percutaneous access – What are the implications of morbidity, length of stay, and costs? – Large bore closure devices: lessons learned, future directions


  • To learn when and how to apply percutaneous technique; to learn safe femoral artery puncture and secure hemostasis.
  • To determine the steps of successful procedure in case of device dysfunction
  • To understand the different roles of dedicated vessel closure armamentarium
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