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Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 7: EVAR with suprarenal fixation – Technologies available today


  • To get knowledge and experience in the indication for EVAR with this type of device
  • To discuss how the use of suprarenal fixation may improve the long-term results of EVAR
  • To translate new scientific knowledge into meaningful advances in patient care


October 27, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 6: EVAR – Challenging aortic neck


  • To learn about specific complexity of some challenging situations
  • To share expected and unexpected experiences and how to deal with them
  • To demonstrate bailout procedures using limited devices that are available within a limited time window
  • To learn how to plan the procedure when the aortic neck is short/ angulated/ tapered/ bulked
October 20, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 5: EVAR – Challenging “Renal Patient”


  • To learn how to manage your patient with renal insufficiency: medication, alternative imaging possibilities, role of supra- or infrarenal fixation on renal function outcome
  • To discuss how to deal with accessory renal arteries, what size is worth saving and how?
  • Best option in horseshoe kidney
October 13, 2020 3 Comments
Live case

Aortic Arch Stenting

Dr. Eric E. Roselli, Director of the Aorta Center, discusses Aortic Arch Stenting: The Cleveland Clinic Technique at the 2019 CLE Care of Aortic Dissection Symposium.

Sign up to learn more about the Comprehensive Lifelong Expeditious (CLE) Care of Aortic Disease™ Symposium, September 17 – 18, 2021,

Visit the Cleveland Clinic Aorta Center,

Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 4: Treatment of infected aortic endograft, mycotic and inflammatory aneurysm


  • To learn the assessment of severity in patients with infection
  • To discuss the management of device-related complications
  • To discuss how to decide between EVAR and open surgery
  • To learn how to optimize the strategy and techniques in open surgery in case of conversion.
October 6, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 3: Open Surgery for AAA


  • To learn how to optimize the strategy and techniques in open surgery.
  • To learn different accesses to the aorta
  • To discuss the indication and technique of supraceliac, suprarenal and infrarenal clamping
September 29, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS Part 2 Episode 2: Emergent/Ruptured AAA – EVAR or open surgery? Strategies to optimize ruptured AAA outcome


  • To appreciate the management of aneurysm rupture in difficult clinical settings
  • To learn which patient would benefit from which therapy?
  • To discuss how to make strategic decisions in different clinical situations and make a treatment algorithm for stable and unstable patients
  • To learn about diagnostic and timing of repair in patients with abdominal compartment syndrome
September 22, 2020 2 Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS Part 2 Episode 1: Elective AAA – From imaging to decision making & planning


  • To learn how to interpret CT-angiography in different AAA scenarios
  • To learn how to assess the underlying anatomy and plan the treatment
  • To discuss how to decide between EVAR and open surgery
  • To discuss the best treatment options for patients presenting with AAA
September 15, 2020 3 Comments
Technical note

Surgeon Modified Fenestrated EVAR 2.0

Clinical case video describing urgent correction of a proximal type I endoleak, in previous standard EVAR procedure, which caused a rapid growth of the residual aneurysmal sac. The patient was unfit for open surgery due to multiple severe comorbidities. Considering the urgency setting, the use of a market available custom-made device was not reasonable. For this reason, the patient underwent endovascular correction using a “surgeon modified” endograft (Medtronic Valiant Navion Thoracic Endograft) designed with four custom fenestrations for visceral and renal vessels.

April 5, 2020 4 Comments
Case report

Surgeon modified Fenestrated EVAR: step by step procedure

This is a tutorial about performing on table standard EVAR fenestration and subsequent aneurysm repair in the present case the patient was unfit for surgery and had a large left accessory renal artery. He was treated with infrarenal surgeon modified endograft and accessory renal artery overstenting. Successful treatment and satisfying control CT scan


November 30, 2019 3 Comments
Case report

ChEVAR for a juxtarenal aneurysm with impending rupture using brazilian endovascular devices

Totally percutaneous chimney technique for a juxtarenal impending rupture aneurysm using off-the-shelf brazilian devices in a fragile, comorbid patient. #casereport #chevar #pevar #juxtarenal

October 25, 2019 No Comments
Technical note

Zero Contrast EVAR Round Table

This is a round table discussion about CO2 during EVAR and complex EVAR in the framework of the annual meeting of Angiodroid in Bologna, Italy. In this round table discussion, 5 European experts present current evidence and their experience about the use of CO2 in the treatment of aortic diseases (s. chapters). Moreover, the panellists discuss all important benefits and drawbacks of the technique and present for the first time the study protocol of the prospective CO2 EVAR registry.

June 28, 2019 No Comments

The power of surgical drawings

This presentation aims to highlight the usefulness of surgical drawing in practice. It sums up experiences, planning and real cases of the past 5 years of practice in vascular surgery. As I got tremendous positive feedback from patients, colleagues, GP’s, relatives and artists, I decided to share this experience with the vascular community.

June 13, 2019 1 Comment
Basic vascular surgery skills

Aortic aneurysm repair

This is a step by step video of the open surgical of an abdominal aortic aneurysm with a tube Dacron graft through a median laparotomy. In this video, you will learn the surgical exposure of the aneurysm, the clamping and opening of the aneurysm sac, how to deal with the lumbar arteries, the proximal and distal anastomosis and how to close the abdomen by the right way.

April 2, 2019 2 Comments