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Recorded video case

Paving and cracking technique for severely calcified SFA lesions

This is a recorded case about the treatment of a severely calcified chronic total occlusion (CTO) of the SFA in a patient with critical limb ischemia. In this video, you will see all the important steps of such an intervention: 1. puncture 2. cross-over sheath advancement 3. crossing of the lesion 4. vessel preparation 5. paving and cracking and 6. final treatment.

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Case report

Endovascular options for the treatment of AIOD and popliteal artery thrombosis in a case of acute limb ischemia

Surgical thrombectomy is considered the first line strategy for the treatment of acute iliac axis and femoro-popliteal thrombosis, but in some cases it can be inconclusive and lead to controlateral and/or distal embolization and dissection.
This is a case report describing the endovascular options for the treatment of aorto-iliac obstructive disease complicated by popliteal artery thrombosis after failure of surgical trans-femoral iliac thrombectomy in a patient with acute limb ischemia.

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Clinical investigation

Validation of the WIfI classification system in nondiabetic patients treated by endovascular means for critical limb ischemia

The WIfI classification system was initially published by Dr. Mills in January 2014 at JVS. The aim of this classification is to stratify the risk of limb amputation (very low, low, moderate and high risk) based on three factors: wound, ischemia and foot infection. The following presentation represents a validation of this classification in a well-defined cohort (nondiabetic patients treated by endovascular means for critical limb ischemia).

June 10, 2018 2 Comments
Clinical investigation

The ZILVERPASS study : comparing endovascular Zilver PTX DES treatment versus bypass surgery for femoral TASC C&D lesions

This presentation was presented by Dr. Marc Bosiers at the LINC 2017 Congress.

Preliminary 12-month results on 180 out of 220 patients & preliminary 24-month results on 110 out of 220 patients suggest at least a non-inferiority of Zilver PTX stenting versus prosthetic Above-The-Knee bypass surgery, with similar patency results and less complications.

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Case report

What should we leave behind, if we cannot leave nothing behind?

A primary ''leave-nothing-behind'' approach is favored by many physicians in the treatment of femoropopliteal PAD. It remains, however, unclear which is the best treatment option when we have to leave ''something'' behind. In this case the Eluvia DES was used to treat a flow limiting dissection after POBA of a long femoropopliteal CTO.

June 3, 2018 2 Comments
Recorded video case

Zero contrast atherectomy and endovascular treatment of multi-level femoropopliteal disease

This is a challenging case of a patient with severe claudication due to multi-level disease expanding from the common iliac up to the popliteal artery. The treatment includes the use of directional atherectomy for vessel preparation and DCB as antiproliferative therapy. The whole procedure is performed with CO2-angiography instead of contrast agent in order to avoid acute kidney injury. Learn also the best approach to treat patients with a multi-level disease, i.e. which lesion first.

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Review of the literature


Although the measurement of Ankle-brachial-Index (ABI) is considered a fundamental skill in the diagnosis and assessment of peripheral arterial disease as well as predictive tool for cardiovascular events, real-world practice shows that current teaching and practice in undergraduate medical curricula is far from ideal. this article provides twelve easy-to-follow useful tips to enhance the comprehension and teaching of ABI and favors the simultaneous teaching of Dopler waveform examination.

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Case report

Endovascular lithotripsy and CO2 angiography could be valuable tools in the treatment of patients with PAD and chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) limits the outcomes of endovascular therapy in patients with PAD, while the use of contrast agent can lead to a further deterioration of the renal function. CO2 angiography and endovascular lithotripsy were used in this case in order to limit the need for nephrotoxic contrast agent in a patient with CLI and CKD.

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Review of the literature

Drug-Coated Balloons from a clinical perspective

This presentation was presented by Dr. Marc Bosiers at the LINC 2018, Leipzig conference.

This presentation gives a brief overview on the literature of Drug-Coated Balloons for femoropopliteal arterial disease. What is already proven, and what are the open questions & limitations.

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Recorded video case

Treatment of a severely calcified lesion with Supera and balloon-expandable stents

This case shows step by step the treatment of a severely calcified lesion in the SFA. The video includes the recanalization of the lesion with use of different support catheters and wires, solutions for the subintimal course of the wire, intraoperative AV fistula, vessel preparation and the use of a balloon-expandable stent with a Supera stent for lumen gain.

May 27, 2018 2 Comments
Clinical investigation

Endovascular therapy vs bypass surgery: interim analysis of the CRITISCH registry

This presentation provides an overview of the interim analysis of the CRITISCH registry comparing the endovascular therapy and the bypass surgery as first-line treatments in CLI patients. Original publication: Bisdas et al. JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2016 Dec 26;9(24):2557-2565.

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