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Michael Lichtenberg

OCT guided arterial recanalisation: How to interpret it and how do it

Arne Schwindt

Evidence for OCT guided atherectomy

Michael Lichtenberg

OCT-guided imaging work below the knee

Jaafer Golzar

Recorded case example of OCT imaging

Christos Rammos

Final discussion and closing remarks

Michael Lichtenberg

November 25, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

Vascupedia VIEWS AAA Course Episode 11: Postoperative care – Postop and the morning after, what to check before going home, PIS, need for ICU?


  • To learn about postoperative management in patients who have undergone EVAR
  • To discuss how to manage anticoagulation in combination with antiplatelet therapy


November 24, 2020 No Comments
Technical note

Vein interposition bypass of the SMA

SMA vein interposition bypass with reimplantation of jejunal arteries
Dissecting aneurysm of the SMA with previous ligation of hepatic artery due to a ruptured aneurysm 3 years before

November 19, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

Vascupedia VIEWS AAA Course Episode 10 :Troubleshooting: Renal artery coverage – Demanding cannulation of the contralateral limb – Intraoperative stenosis or occlusion of the contralateral limb – Intraoperative type Ia and Ib endoleak


  • To gain experience in technical aspects. Need for additional assessment and/or procedures.
  • To learn specific details of complex aortic procedures
  • To explore bailout options using existing devices
November 17, 2020 1 Comment
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 9: Percutaneous access – What are the implications of morbidity, length of stay, and costs? – Large bore closure devices: lessons learned, future directions


  • To learn when and how to apply percutaneous technique; to learn safe femoral artery puncture and secure hemostasis.
  • To determine the steps of successful procedure in case of device dysfunction
  • To understand the different roles of dedicated vessel closure armamentarium
November 10, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 8: EVAR with infrarenal fixation – Step-by-step procedure


  • To appreciate the clinical settings in which infrarenal fixation is most accurate and effective in order to identify candidates for this device
  • To learn optimal techniques for treating AAA in different anatomical subsets
November 3, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 7: EVAR with suprarenal fixation – Technologies available today


  • To get knowledge and experience in the indication for EVAR with this type of device
  • To discuss how the use of suprarenal fixation may improve the long-term results of EVAR
  • To translate new scientific knowledge into meaningful advances in patient care


October 27, 2020 No Comments
Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 6: EVAR – Challenging aortic neck


  • To learn about specific complexity of some challenging situations
  • To share expected and unexpected experiences and how to deal with them
  • To demonstrate bailout procedures using limited devices that are available within a limited time window
  • To learn how to plan the procedure when the aortic neck is short/ angulated/ tapered/ bulked
October 20, 2020 No Comments

J Tall Rounds®: Thrombotic Complications and Hypercoagulability associated with COVID-19 Infection

Dr. G. Jay Bishop discusses incidence and types of thrombosis at the “Thrombotic Complications and Hypercoagulability associated with COVID-19 Infection” Tall Rounds®.

Watch the full session,

Talking Tall Rounds® Podcast: COVID-19 Thrombotic Complications and Hypercoagulability, 

Vascupedia VIEWS 2.0

VascupediaVIEWS AAA Course Episode 5: EVAR – Challenging “Renal Patient”


  • To learn how to manage your patient with renal insufficiency: medication, alternative imaging possibilities, role of supra- or infrarenal fixation on renal function outcome
  • To discuss how to deal with accessory renal arteries, what size is worth saving and how?
  • Best option in horseshoe kidney
October 13, 2020 3 Comments
Live case

Aortic Arch Stenting

Dr. Eric E. Roselli, Director of the Aorta Center, discusses Aortic Arch Stenting: The Cleveland Clinic Technique at the 2019 CLE Care of Aortic Dissection Symposium.

Sign up to learn more about the Comprehensive Lifelong Expeditious (CLE) Care of Aortic Disease™ Symposium, September 17 – 18, 2021,

Visit the Cleveland Clinic Aorta Center,