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Poll 05/09/2019 – 30/09/2019

Online education in vascular medicine

Shape your learning experience on Vascupedia


Dear colleagues, our mission is to help physicians worldwide to bring their interventions to perfection. Our hope is to indirectly contribute to safety and well-being of patients with vascular diseases.

Over a year ago, we started Vascupedia as a unique online project that we believe fulfills the need for free education in the challenging field of Vascular Medicine. Now it’s time to ask you to help us to become better for you! Are we offering the right information in the right way at the right level? Is there anything missing to support you in your quest to grow your knowledge to treat your patients in the best possible way? Please complete this short survey to make sure we will work on improving the platform to serve YOUR educational needs!

Question #1

Treating a patient with a given disease typically involves the following therapy-aspects:

For which of these aspects are you typically trying to find information in the internet (choose the one that is most important for you).
  • Diagnosis

  • Decision making

  • Treatment planning

  • Treatment

  • Post-operative care

  • Follow-up

  • Re-interventions

Question #2

What kind of information are you typically looking for in the internet?

  • Basic information to understand the principles of a certain therapy-aspect

  • Step-by-step instructions to perform a certain, standardized therapy-aspect by myself

  • Seeking for advice/information by experts in a certain therapy and develop own conceptual models for treating a patient

  • Getting input to understand the larger context of best patient treatment for a given therapy

  • Other

Question #3

Which distant learning format do you like best?

  • Asynchronous learning content (e.g. eLearning modules, case-presentations, tutorials, articles, videos…. that I can watch anytime without face-to-face interaction)

  • Synchronous learning content (watch a webinar, listen to a live podcasts with the opportunity to interact with the presenter e.g. by chat and polling-features)

  • Virtual class-room: Join a live-event for a small group of participants and have direct face-to-face contact with the presenter using video and audio features)

  • Other

Question #4

Which are the most important attributes that make an eLearning interesting and memorable for you?

  • Easy to watch from mobile devices

  • Presents content in short pieces (allows for short learning units)

  • Knowledge checks to give opportunity to reflect, check own knowledge and understand most important aspects

  • Well structured, good summary and useful links to further resources

  • Interactive and fun (engaging using different media)

  • Other

Question #5

What is the maximum time per week you would devote to distant learning formats to get information you are looking for?

  • Up to 15 minutes

  • Up to 30 minutes

  • Up to 45 minutes

  • More than 45 minutes

Question #6

When is your preferred time to participate to distant learning formats?

  • 6-9 am

  • 9-12 am

  • 12-3 pm

  • 3-6 pm

  • 6-9 pm

  • Other

Question #7

Do you use other internet educational platform?

Choose the one that is most important for you
  • BIBA Medical BLearning

  • Radcliffe Vascular

  • Incathlab

  • CIRSE Academy

  • Vascular Disease Management

  • BackTable

  • Other

  • None

Question #8

How important is in your opinion that the „Main Arena“ of Vascupedia remains industry-independent?

  • It is very important

  • I do not really care