12 M Outcomes of the Veniti Vici Venous Stent System for iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis

Dedicated vein devices might improve the outcomes of endovascular treatment for the treatment of acute and chronic deep vein thrombosis. This short presentation summarizes a 2 center experience with the Veniti Vici Venous Stent System.


    Thanks for sharing your experience Pr Schroeder, excellent results.
    1.In your opinion which are advantages of closed cells stents as Veniti VS other open cell stents also dedicated for Veins?? I have experience with Venovo, SinousVena and Sinous Oblikus, and Zilvervena for these cases of Thrombosis with MTS, and it seems that they all work well at 12 months, except Zilvervena that shows early re estenosis in MT compression point, but our group experience is only about 30 cases in 2 years.
    2. About the use of temporary Cava filter? I saw in your presentation, I only use it when free thrombus in Cava or DVT associated with Pulmonary embolism, do you agree with this approach or you use in all acute cases??
    Best regards

    MD Martin Schroeder
    June 7, 2018

    First of all, thank you for your interesting comments Fernando.

    We know the closed cell design among others in the area of Carotis stents. Here are some comparisons and studies between open and closed cell stents.
    One of the benefits of the closed stent structure may be the prevention of re-thromboembolic events. This is one of the advantages associated with pelvic veins, especially MTS. The associated structural structure of the stent and its properties with regard to radial rigidity and flexibility are, in my opinion, further positive characteristics. Surely, however, further studies and head to head comparisons are needed here – as well as the open cell design stents have good results in terms of patency rates and properties.

    Second: The Cavafilter is not our standard and there are no Algorithms. We also use it only in the cases you specify (Cava / pronounced DVT or with pulmonary embolism). In the case of a lysis therapy, we leave this until the end. In individual cases, you can aspirate existing thrombi before removal of the filter with appropriate devices (eg Penumbra) to avoid re-embolization.

    Once again thank you for your comments
    best Martin

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