How to perform a clampless hybrid aortic anastomosis

In various circumstances of aortic repairs, such as heavy circumferential calcifications or shaggy aorta with extensive thrombus, open and endovascular techniques are at high risk. In such cases, aortic clamping is fraught with risks of aortic rupture or emboli while endovascular techniques may not be successful with also a risk of emboli. Hybrid techniques may be an elegant solution. We describe here a hybrid technique that allows performing an aortic anastomosis without clamping thereby avoiding the above-cited risks. This educational video will allow other vascular surgeons to reproduce the technique.


    very impressive technique!!!! do you concern about the mid-and long term latency of the anastomotic stent? I mean, isn’t it risky to rely the efficacy of such anastomosis on the radial fords of a balloon-expandable stent (or is it stent-graft?) what are your results with this manuever?

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