Perforators: When to treat and how best to do it?

This presentation answers the questions of why, when and how to treat perforating veins in patients with healed or active venous ulcers. Moreover, we present the results of our study Hager et al. Factors that Influence Perforator Vein Closure Rates Using Radiofrequency Ablation, Laser Ablation or Foam Sclerotherapy. (J Vasc Surg, accepted for publication) in 296 perforators.


    I think that leaving untreated perforators is the origin of the recurrence of varicose veins even without the presence of ulcer, Congrats Great Presentation

    June 19, 2018

    How evidence was Varicose veins reccurency (GSV & SSV) caused by perforators?. Could you explain in scientific physiology terms, pressures and pathophysiology related?.

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