Removing stent grafts and implications for putting them in

“Who will do my aortic surgery when my time comes” was a common refrain among my mentors, only half jokingly. Now, the question has gained a sharpness. I think the tide will turn and the kids will do fine, but we all have to do a bit of reclamation, or open surgery will become the habit of strange eccentric artisans. I recommend calling up the retired surgeon and inviting them in for conferences and cases. Reprint masterwork atlases like Wiley’s. Connect with likeminded. Before it’s too late.


    Dr. Theodosios Bisdas
    October 5, 2018

    Thank you Dr. Park for this nice presentation. The message is clear and I found the paradigm about pacemakers and the results of the EVAR-1 trial very pertinent and successful. However, as you mention in your presentation, the majority of the stent-grafts that you have already explanted are more or less stent-grafts of the previous generations. Do you not believe that the next generation of endografts (similarly to the next generation of pacemakers) have a much higher safety profile?
    Finally, I would like to invite you to upload any presentations or videos regarding technical tips for the surgical explantation of endografts after failed EVAR. That would be a great help for the daily practice of several vascular surgeons. Unfortunately, we are missing such kind of presentations in most congresses.

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