Step by step thrombendarteriectomy of the common femoral artery with venous patchplasty

In this video we show you one of the most common vascular surgery open procedures step by step.  arterial thrombendarteriectomy with patchlasty forms the basis for many open vascular surgery procedures.
You will see a thrombendarteriectomy of the common femoral artery with the individual steps of the procedure and removal of the saphenous vein for venous patchplasty.


    Mr. Ahmad Al Halabi
    October 26, 2019

    Excellent presentation, many thanks for the valuable contribution

    Dr giovanni solimeno
    September 6, 2020

    Hello Martin, thank you for your sharing. Seeing the movie, the plaque you removed seems to be prolonged towards the profunda femoris. When the situation is so, we always prefer to preserve (even during the final flushing) this artery with a Coonley technique, in which the arteriotomy, and therefore the patch angioplasty, is prolonged towards the profunda with a second eversion angioplasty of the first segment of the superficial artery. Second, do you routinary use an autologous vein patch ? Considering that the vein could be useful for a future bypass in case of disease evolution, we use it only in particular situations, such as obese patients or redo-Tea of scarred groins; we routinely prefer bovine pericardium.

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