Vascupedia Webinar: Why E-nside StentGraft has become my first choice in the endovascular treatment of TAA


The Enside stent-graft: design and technical considerations – T. Bisdas

My experience with the Enside stent-graft | Live in the box – G. Simonte & G. Isernia

My experience with the Enside stent-graft | Live in the box  – A. Zimmermann



    Markus Köster
    May 29, 2021

    Great presentation!
    I would like to know from your experience:
    1. Retrograde cannulation: did you experienced any dislocation of the Enside-graft, due to traction of the through-and-through-wire?
    2. Is it possible to remove the T-a-T-wire after deployment of the bridging stent, in order to keep the stabil position of the steerable sheet for e.g. additional lining-stent?
    3. Which angle in the visceral segment is possible with this graft?

    Dr. Theodosios Bisdas
    May 30, 2021

    Thank you Markus!
    1. We have not seen it yet and I do not think that this can happen. The device is completely released and fixed to the wall before the use of the through-n-through wire
    2. Theoretically yes. I have personally done it but this is not recommended by the manufacturer.
    3. So far I know, this is not described in the IFU as a clear number. I will ask for a recommendation the manufacturer and I will let you know.

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