Angiodroid The CO2 Injector

The device is the Innovative and Exclusive Carbon Dioxide Injector for Peripheral Interventional Angiography below the Diaphragm.
The Technology has been developed into our Laboratories during the last 5 years in cooperation with well-known Private and Public Hospitals as well as Italian University.
The practise of the CO2 provides significant benefits and a very low rate of complications compared with iodinated contrast.
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Why to use it

The use of CO2 as a Contrast Agent can bring considerable advantages such as:

Eliminate CIN risk; No allergic reaction; No tossic, no renal complications; 20 times more soluble than O2 in the blood; 400 times less viscous than iodine; Fast and natural removal by normal breathing through lungs; Lower price than the common liquid contrast medium; Much more comfort for the patient.

Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography Injector


Digital Volume Doses Setting
Digital Pressure Injection Setting
Fast Automatic Reload (20 seconds) for repeatable injection
High accuracy of the set pressure injection
High accuracy of the set volume doses
Dual microcontroller to ensure high performance and high safety
Remote controller (Pending) to start the injection
Possibility to save each injection settings for different districts Touch screen console
Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography Injector
Defines with precision the amount of gas to be injected into the vessel
Defines Volumes and Pressures of injection (automation, security and repeatability of the procedure)
Guarantees a Constant Injection pressure of the gas during the procedure allowing the repeatability of the procedure and obtaining an excellent quality of imaging
Ensures complete removal of the air contained in the catheter. None Air Contamination Risk caused by manual operation
Angiodroid The CO2 Injector Uniqueness