Astron® Self-Expanding Stent System

Astron® self-expanding stent system is indicated for use in patients with atherosclerotic disease of the iliac arteries and for the treatment of insufficient results after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA), e.g. residual stenosis and dissection.*

*indication as per IFU. 

**US indication: Indicated for improving luminal diameter in patients with iliac atherosclerotic lesions in vessel reference diameters between 4.3 mm and 9.5 mm and lesion lengths up to 105 mm.

Manufacturer Info

Ackerstrasse 6
8180 Bülach - Switzerland

Why to use it

• Clinically proven stent for the treatment of iliac disease1 

• proBIO® silicon carbide coating reduces ion release2: proBIO acts as an effective and reliable barrier to nickel and other heavy metal ion diffusion.

• Pull-back delivery system for simple stent deployment3

• 5.2F proximal shaft for contrast injection with device in sheath3: 6F distal shaft with a 5.2F proximal shaft allows contrast injection while the device is positioned inside the introducer and across the lesion. 6F Distal shaft 5.2F Proximal shaft.

• Segmented stent design and strut thickness to provide sufficient chronic outward force in the iliac territory

• Peak-to-valley design and S-articulating connecting bars provide multi-directional flexibility and avoid fish-scaling in tortuous arteries.
1. BIOFLEX I Astron Clinical Report; 2. Nickel release test result: J.M. Schmehl et al. / Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine 9 (2008); 3. BIOTRONIK Data on file.
Astron and proBIO are trademarks or registered trademarks of the BIOTRONIK Group of Companies.


Stent Technical Data
Catheter TypeOTW
Recommended Guidewire0.035"
Stent MaterialNitinol
Strut Thickness225 μm (ø 10 mm = 230 μm)
Stent CoatingproBIO® (Amorphous Silicon Carbide)
Stent Markers4 gold markers each end
Sizesø 7 - 10 mm; L: 30 - 80 mm
Proximal Shaft5.2F, hydrophobic coating
Usable Length70 and 120 cm