BeGraft peripheral PLUS

Balloon-expandable covered stent

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Why to use it

The balloon-expandable BeGraft peripheral plus stent graft consists of a unique double stent construction made of Cobalt-Chromium (CoCr) and two layers of ePTFE, one on the outer side and one between the two stents. The indication for use covers a wide range of iliac and renal artery lesions. The very high radial force combined with flexibility are outstanding features of this stent graft that is 7F compatible up to the size of 8×57 mm, which makes the BeGraft peripheral plus suitable for the most complex procedures.


Material:        CoCr, double stent scaffold, open-cell design

Cover:            two layers of ePTFE of ~200µm thickness and patented fixation

Catheter:       120cm OTW, semi-compliant balloon