Cydar EV Maps

Cydar EV Maps is a cloud-based software that provides an integrated solution for planning, navigation and review of surgical procedures using the power of artificial intelligence for endovascular surgery. The system generates a patient-specific 3D map of relevant soft tissue that updates real-time to optimise procedure planning and intra-operative navigation as well as allowing assessment of outcomes.

Manufacturer Info

Cydar Medical

Why to use it

We understand the importance of adding real clinical value to your procedures, and that every second spent in the OR has to be put to good us.


Advances in technology have made it possible to make surgeries faster, easier and smarter by using tools such as artificial intelligence to augment clinical decision-making. As patient numbers rise and procedures become more complex and time-consuming, patient-specific real-time procedure planning, navigation and review, optimization of equipment, and usability have become ever more important. To help overcome these challenges, we have developed a solution to help drive efficiencies, increase automation and bring you more confidence when treating your patients.


Our cloud-based software solution offers flexible and convenient access to the latest version of Cydar EV Maps. Available at any time on any device with a web browser, you have the power to
connect with colleagues across the globe, aiding in effective team communication, and bringing them into your case when you want them.

Key Benefits:

  • Collaborate to plan your cases
  • Share your screen with colleagues during intra-operative procedures
  • On-demand Cydar Medical Support team 24/7
  • More efficient workflow
  • Automatic updates bringing you the latest functionalities
  • Data security
  • Easy access to previous treatment cases including imaging and planning information in one location


Automatic segmentation of anatomy showing ring placement



  • Agnostic to any room set-up
  • Vault access from any device with web browser
  • Remote control to navigate and interact with software




  • Remote upload of CT scans direct to the vault by referring centers via 2factor authentication for authorized users
  • Automatic segmentation of anatomy
  • Automatic placement of rings in the correct angulation of the ostia
  • Full suite of measurement and sizing tools
  • Collaboration capabilities to share case planning remotely via 2factor authentication for authorized users
  • Button for secure real-time online support from Cydar team




  • Recognition AI looks at fluoroscopy and automatically adjusts preoperative map at the start of the case to account for the vertebrae
  • Ability to adjust 3D map due to deformation from wires and device placement
  • Patient vertebrae tracking for accurate automated real-time map adjustments due to patient movement
  • Collaboration capabilities for live screen-share on any device with a web browser via 2factor authentication for authorized users
  • Button for secure real-time online support from Cydar team
  • Last verified map feature gives valuable information, even when the live X-ray images are obscured by radiographic coning, surgical instruments or digital subtraction




  • Remote secure access with authorized users to hospital vault from any device with a web browser
  • Access to all case recordings and pre-operative plans in one location
  • Video download capabilities