Dynetic®-35 Balloon-Expandable Cobalt-Chromium Stent System

The Dynetic®-35 balloon-expandable cobalt chromium stent system is the next generation iliac stent with excellent radial strength and superb flexibility, indicated for the treatment of de novo or restenotic atherosclerotic lesions in iliac arteries.*,†

*Indication as per IFU. †Note: The Dynetic-35 does not have TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration – Australia) approval for use within the common iliac artery. ** not available for sale in the US.

Manufacturer Info

Ackerstrasse 6
8180 Bülach - Switzerland

Why to use it

• Thin Struts With High Radial Strength: Up to 23% higher radial strength compared to leading competitor cobalt chromium stents.1 The most flexible stent design compared to leading competitor stents.2

• 6F Compatibility in Full Size Range: The 140-μm thin strut stent design combined with the low profile balloon catheter delivery system offers the full product range in 6F sheath compatability.3

• Excellent Deliverability: The low profile design with its low crossing profile offers excellent deliverability* compared to leading competitor devices.1,3

• Radial Approach Possible: With the usable catheter length up to 170 cm.


1. BIOTRONIK data on file. 8.0 mm stent diameter; 2. BIOTRONIK data on file. IIB(P) 13-2019. 10.0 mm stent diameter; 3. BIOTRONIK data on file; 3. Endovascular Today – Europe Buyer’s Guide 2019, Balloon-Expandable Stents.
Dynetic is a trademark or registered trademark of the BIOTRONIK Group of Companies.


Stent Technical Data
Stent MaterialCobalt Chromium
Strut Thickness110 μm (ø 5.0 - 7.0 mm), 140 μm (ø 8.0 - 10.0 mm)
Stent CoatingproBIO®(Amorphous Silicon Carbide)
Sizesø 5.0 - 10.0 mm; L: 18 - 28 - 38 - 58 - 78 mm
Delivery System Technical Data
Catheter TypeOTW
Recommended Guidewire0.035"
TipLow entry profile, colored
Balloon Markers2 swaged markers
Shaft5.1 - 5.4F, hydrophobic coating, dual-lumen
Usable Length90 cm, 130 cm and 170 cm
Markers2 swaged markers
Guidewire LumenHydrophobic coating
Nominal Pressure10 atm
Rated Burst Pressure14 atm (ø 5.0 - 8.0 mm), 12 atm (ø 9.0 - 10.0 mm)