Embolisation System

Penumbra’s peripheral embolisation system consists of three coil technologies: Ruby Coil, POD, and Packing Coil. All three technologies are large-volume coils that are similar in caliber to 035 coils and are deliverable through LANTERN, a high-flow microcatheter.

Manufacturer Info

Penumbra Inc.

Why to use it

Ruby, POD and Packing Coil offer long lengths, large volume and softer coils compared to conventional technologies. Longer length, larger volume devices are designed for efficient procedures with fewer devices per case and the enhanced softness facilitates each of these devices to densely pack, reducing reliance on thrombus formation.  The varying shapes and softness levels of Ruby, POD and Packing Coil provide differentiated devices for aneurysm and vessel occlusion.

Instructions for use