FemoSeal™-Vascular Closure System

FemoSeal is a medical device indicated for use in closing and reducing time to hemostasis at the femoral arterial puncture site in patients who have undergone diagnostic or interventional procedures with 7F (2,33 mm) procedural sheath or smaller (minimal artery diameter of 5 mm).

Manufacturer Info


Why to use it

* FemoSeal consists of two fully bioabsorbable polymer discs held together by bioabsorbable sutures. Hemostasis is achieved by mechanically sealing the arteriotomy between the two discs
* Single use, one year shelf life after sterilization
* Sterilized by ethylene oxide. Do not re-sterilize
* Available in select markets
* 10 units per box

Storage, packaging and disposal:
* FemoSeal should be stored in a cool location (room temperature not exceeding 25 °C)
* FemoSeal contains resorbable materials that degrade by exposure to heat and moisture; therefore, the device may not be
* FemoSeal is sterile and non-pyrogenic in unopened and undamaged package
* Dispose of contaminated units, components, and packaging materials utilizing standard hospital procedures and universal precautions for biohazardous waste


General specifications

Effective Length Sheath70 mm
French Size7 Fr
Guidewire - Diameter0.038 in/ 0.97 mm

Technical drawing legend

A282 mm
C50 mm
D5 mm
E10 mm
F5 mm
G1 mm thick

For additional information regarding specification, please visit the Terumo Website.™-Vascular-Closure-System