GORE® ACUSEAL Vascular Graft 

GORE®  ACUSEAL Vascular Grafts are intended for use as vascular prostheses in patients requiring vascular access.


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Why to use it

The GORE® ACUSEAL Vascular Graft allows for earlier removal or avoidance of a central venous catheter (CVC), providing an alternative for your hemodialysis patients.


Instructions for use



  • Early cannulation: Cannulate within 24 hours with the leading1 on-label early cannulation graft to allow for earlier removal or avoidance of a CVC
  • Reduced infection: Reduces the 49% higher risk of fatal infections due to CVC complications2
  • Lower total cost of care: Lowers the costs of treating CVC sepsis by earlier removal of a CVC3


The tri-layer design of the GORE® ACUSEAL Vascular Graft is optimized for early cannulation and provides uncompromised handling.

  • Flexible at curves without kinking
  • Free from stiffness or rigidity
  • Precise suturing and anastomotic tailoring
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