HeadPeace™ – the comfortable headband

Texray products are designed to enhance protection while not compromising medical and patient outcomes. The state-of-the-art radiation protection products currently offered by Texray are two different designs that reduce the dose of scatter radiation towards your head and neck by up to an additional 97% compared to standard protection.1  The products are high-end solutions based on the unique Texray textile technology.

HeadPeace has a patented design, and studies show it reduces radiation exposure of the upper section of your head1,2. The design of HeadPeace is ergonomic verified, proven comfortable, and facilitates long-term performance without jeopardizing safety.3

Manufacturer Info

Stena Center, Vera Sandbergs allé 3C
41297 Gothenburg


Reduce your radiation exposure with Texray. Medical practitioners should not need to worry about their own health while saving the lives of others. For this reason, we have invented Texray, the first radiation protection textile in the world.

Why to use it

+ The attenuation efficiency ranges from 76 to 90% in radiological interventions.1
+ Reduce radiation exposure towards the upper section of your head up to 20 times.2
+ Proven for its comfortability and to have no negative effect on your head and work postures.3
+ To meet hygienic requirements outer material is made from high-quality textile, enabling breathability and cleaning.
+ Pliable and comfortable towards your skin with a soft touch fabric feel.
+ Proven for its functionality and usability in clinical environments.1
+ Improves ergonomic parameters such as anthropometrics, biomechanics, water vapor transport, thermal sensation.4
+ Store it in your pocket function: 30 times more durable compared to other materials, preventing prematurely unsafe tears.5
+ Lead-free material eliminates highly toxic lead dust exposure with irreversible health effects on vital organs.6
+ Lead equivalence: 0,25 mm Pb, total product weight: 247 gram