Jetstream™ Atherectomy System

Jetstream rotational atherectomy is engineered to predictably treat real-world lesions. Patients with PAD display a wide range of lesion characteristics such as long, diffuse disease and CTOs — which often include mixed morphologies like calcium, plaque and thrombus. Jetstream is the only atherectomy device designed to treat it all.

Manufacturer Info

Why to use it

The Jetstream atherectomy system brings many benefits to the table, such as:


  • ROTATIONAL BLADES – Create Concentric Lumens Rotational

Blades spin at 70,000 RPMs to create concentric lumens, optimizing balloon-to-wall apposition for DCB or other adjunctive therapies.

  • FRONT-CUTTING BLADES– Immediately Engage Lesions

Five front-cutting blades immediately engage lesions and help enable the treatment of tight or occluded vessels.

  • EXPANDABLE BLADES– Provide Sizing Flexibility

“Blades Down/Blades Up” technology enables maximum luminal gain while providing the flexibility to treat multiple vessel diameters with the same catheter.

  • ACTIVE ASPIRATION – Helps Reduce Embolization Risk

Dynamic and continuous aspiration mechanically removes debris, helping to minimize the risk of distal embolization, and debulk the lesion.

  • DIFFERENTIAL CUTTING – Deflects Away from Healthy Tissue

The mechanism of action allows the blades to cut the diseased, inelastic, tissue while deflecting away from the healthy, elastic, tissue.