Najuta Thoracic Stent Graft System

Najuta Thoracic Stent Graft System is semi-custom made stent graft system to repair aortic aneurysm at distal arch and descending aorta,
while single or multiple fenestrations of stent graft allow to preserve blood flow to branch vessels.

Currently products are available in the market of Japan, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria only.
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Manufacturer Info

- Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc.

Why to use it

Najuta Thoracic Stent graft System offers a remarkable solution to repair aortic aneurysm at distal arch and descending aorta.
Based on CT diagnosis beforehand, a stent graft is designed with appropriate fenestration(s) for each single patient in order not to cover bifurcated vessels by the implanted stent graft.
Each Najuta stent graft is tested to check if its specification is fitted collectly to each patient aorta characteristics.

Instructions for use


1. Semi -custom-made
Najuta is a semi-custom-made stent graft having a variety of three-dimensional structures, which enables to provide a suitable stent graft matching with a patient’s anatomy of the aorta.
Pre-shaped structuring prevents mal-sealing adhesion on lesser curvature (Bird Beak).

2. Fenestrations
Najuta has single or multiple fenestrations created along its greater curvature to secure blood supply via the arch vessels. It enables to obtain enough sealing / landing zone and enlarge applicable zone on lesser curvature where aneurysms often occur.