NaviCross® – Support Catheter

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NaviCross® Support Catheter is intended to guide and support a guidewire during access of the vasculature except within the central circulatory system to allow wire exchanges and provide a conduit for the delivery of physiological heparinized saline solution or radiopaque media.

Manufacturer Info


Why to use it

Stainless Steel Double-Braiding
* Highly kink-resistant with great torque control and optimal push transition from proximal shaft to distal tip1

Small Crossing Profile
* Provides seamless guidewire-to-catheter transition leading to high support and successful lesion crossing1

Hydrophilic M Coat^TM
* Ensures best-in-class trackability in challenging anatomy and great crossability of complex lesions1

Three Radiopaque Markers:
* Provides high visibility1
* Facilitates accurate assessment of position and intraluminal measurement of stent and balloon sizes



1.Compared to competition. Data on file.


General specifications

BraidingDouble-braided stainless steel
Hydrophilic CoatingM Coat™: 40 cm distally
Markers3 radiopaque markers: 1 mm from tip – 40 mm and 60 mm from precedent marker

Technical drawing legend

AStrain Relief/Hub
BProximal Shaft Varies by Catheter Length
CMarker Space 60 mm
DMarker Space 40 mm
GHydrophilic Coating 400 mm
HTapered Tip 12 mm

For additional information regarding specification, please visit the Terumo Website.