Philips Pioneer Plus IVUS guided true lumen re-entry catheter

Manufacturer Info


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Why to use it

The Pioneer Plus IVUS-guided re-entry catheter is designed to identify true lumen with speed for the most challenging CTOs. With the unique offering of IVUS and a dual-wire system in one device, the Pioneer Plus catheter provides clinicians with IVUS-guided clarity to true lumen re-entry for their patients.



Click here to watch Dr Andrew Wigham and Dr Nish Altaf demonstrate the use of Pioneer Plus in peripheral vascular disease treatment.


The only IVUS-guided re-entry device

The Pioneer Plus catheter is the only re-entry device with IVUS and ChromaFlo.


Identify the true lumen with speed and precision


Individual experiences with Pioneer Plus have demonstrated procedure time for effective re-entry ranging from 6-10 minutes.*

*Saket R., Razavi, M., Padidar A., et al. Novel Intravasular Ultrasound-Guided Methods to Create Transintimal Arterial Communications: Initial Experience in Peripheral Occlusive Disease and Aortic Dissection. J Endovasc Ther. 2004; 11: 274-280.


Visualize success with confidence


The Pioneer Plus catheter has demonstrated a 95% to 100% procedural success rate in subintimal angioplasty procedures*
*Al-Ameri, H et al. Peripheral Chronic Total Occlusions Treated with Subintimal Angioplasty and a True Lumen Re-Entry Device. Journal of Invasive Cardiology. 2009; 21(9): 468-472.


Minimize procedural complications


The guidance and direction provided by on-board IVUS imaging has the potential to minimize procedural complications*
*Saketkhoo RR, Razavi MK, Padidar A, Kee ST, Sze DY, Dake MD. Percutaneous bypass: subintimal recanalization of peripheral occlusive disease with IVUS guided lumen re-entry. Tech Vasc Interv Radiol. 2004; 7: 23-27.