Radifocus® Glidecath® – Angiographic Catheter

Radifocus^® Glidecath is a hydrophilic angiographic catheter intended for use in angiographic procedures in peripheral and neurovasculature.
It delivers radiopaque media and therapeutic agents to selected sites in the vascular system.
It is also used to lead a guidewire or a catheter into the target site.
Glidecath shares the same hydrophilic coating as Terumo Guide wire M that allows to reach the more distal point in the most tortuous anatomy.

Manufacturer Info


Why to use it

* Length of the distal hydrophilic coating depends on catheter type and length.
* Single braided structure for 5 Fr and double braiding structure for 4 Fr.
* Radiopaque surface.
* A large lumen for a lower profile.
* Resistant to high pressure: 750 psi (5 171 kPa) for 4 Fr and 1000 psi (6895 kPa) for 5 Fr.
* Special curve and lengths available.
* Yashiro 3D shape for celiac trunk access.


General specifications

Guidewire Compatibility0.038 in / 0.97 mm
Hydrophilic CoatingM Coat™ technology
Radiopaque JacketPolyurethane

Technical drawing legend

AStainless steel
BHydrophilic polymer coating
CInner layer
DPolyurethane jacket

For additional information regarding specification, please visit the Terumo Website.