Radifocus® Guidewire M With Radiopaque Tip Marker – Guide Wire

Radifocus® Guidewire M with Radiopaque Tip Marker is a Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire covered with polyurethane containing tungsten and a hydrophilic polymer coating (M Coat™ ). This guidewire has a small diameter, high torque control and a highly visible distal gold marker tip for micro vessel access.

*​ Small diameters specially adapted for a micro vessel approach
* Radiopaque polyurethane jacket
* Distal gold marker
* One-piece construction with one-to-one torque transmission for predictable navigation
* Rounded tapered tip

Manufacturer Info


Why to use it

Indicated for use in standard angiography in coronary and peripheral territories, catheterization, embolization, peripheral angioplasty and stenting in small, distal micro vessels and neurovasculature.


General specifications

Core MaterialNitinol
Distal Marker MaterialGold
Flexible Length80 mm
Hydrophilic Coating"M" Polymer
Length180 cm
Radiopaque JacketPolyurethane Layer Containing Tungsten

For additional information regarding specification, please visit the Terumo Website.