Ranger™ Paclitaxel-Coated PTA Balloon Catheter

Ranger Drug Coated balloon is indicated for Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) in the peripheral vasculature. It has been designed to provide consistent and predictable drug delivery through efficient drug transfer, and a strong coating integrity.

Manufacturer Info

Why to use it

  • Fewer drug particulates distally lost: The Ranger™ coating technology is designed to deliver a therapeutic drug dose – consistently and efficiently – to the lesion. Much less drug is lost distally which provides the peace of mind of a predictable treatment.
  • Optimal drug tissue levels: The TransPax™ coating is extremely efficient in transferring drug to the vessel and achieves the optimal drug tissue levels with only 2µg/mm2 drug dosage vs the standard 3µg/mm².
  • Safe and easy device handling: Ranger™ is equipped with a loading tool that protects the drug coating while handling and pushing through the introducer for increased ease-of-use and minimized drug loss.
  • Breakthrough pushability and trackability: The excellent pushability and trackability of the Ranger™ balloon platform enables navigation through significantly challenging anatomies.
  • Exceptional Outcomes. Ranger DCB demonstrated consistent results with nearly 90% patency at 12-Months in the RANGER II SFA and COMPARE Trials 1.

1COMPARE Clinical Trial 12-Month Results presented by Sabine Steiner, MD. LINC 2020. K-M Primary Patency = 88.4%. RANGER II SFA Pivotal Trial 12-Month Results presented by Marianne Brodmann. LINC 2020. K-M Primary Patency = 89.8%.