Roadsaver® – Carotid Artery Stent

The Roadsaver® Carotid Stent System is indicated for use in patients with carotid arterial atherosclerotic disease.

Manufacturer Info


Why to use it

A novel design – Nickel titanium (Nitinol) double layer micromesh design
* Designed to support wall apposition
* Superior in-vessel flexibility
* Allows for side branch patency
* Conforms to tortuous anatomies
* In-Vivo tapering of braided Nitinol design conforms to tapered ICA-CCA segments Sustained embolic protection
* Designed to support the prevention of plaque protrusion and emboli release after stent implantation
* Double-layer micromesh designed to assist in containing plaque to the vessel wall


General specifications

ConstructionDouble layer, braided micromesh
Delivery System ConstructionRapid Exchanger
Guidewire Compatibility0.014 in/ 0.36 mm
Implanted Dimensions - 1mm < Unconstrained Ø1 mm
Implanted Dimensions - 2mm < Unconstrained Ø2 mm
MaterialNitinol with Tantalum
Minimum Guide Catheter> 0.074 - 1.9 mm/ 5 Fr
Minimum Guide Sheath> 0.074 -1.9 mm/ 5 Fr
Outer Diameter5.2 Fr
RX Segment Length25 cm
Usable Catheter Length143 cm
ValveTuohy - Burst

Technical drawing legend

AOuter diameter
BDual layer length
CVessel diameter
DDual layer length
E143 cm
F5.2 Fr
H3.4 Fr

For additional information regarding specification, please visit the Terumo Website.