Savion™ Guidewire

Long, heavily calcified lesions. Tortuous anatomy.
High-risk patients. Together, these challenges make
below-the-knee (BTK) interventions some of the most
difficult, time-consuming cases you face.

Building on the trusted, market-leading technology of
V-18, our suite of dedicated guidewires exhibit attributes
ideally matched for BTK interventions, ensuring you have
exactly what you need for your wire escalation strategy.
Whether your top priority is access, crossing, or delivering
therapy to complex lesions, these guidewires help you
achieve the best possible outcomes, especially for your
CLI patients.

Manufacturer Info

Why to use it


The Savion FLX guidewire allows you to take control—quickly, safely, and reliably—in challenging below-the-knee (BTK) cases. Featuring a resilient nitinol tip, this frontline wire enables you to confidently navigate your preferred path to reach the most distal and complex lesions without hesitation.


Exceptional tip durability

Nitinol tip provides superior durability and resilience for the duration of most cases

Superior shape retention

Stainless steel shaping ribbon helps enable tip shape retention throughout the procedure

Convenient crossing

Polymer sleeve tip with ICE™ hydrophilic coating facilitates lesion crossing

Precise control

1:1 torque response for control*

* Bench Test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Data on file. Pre-Test Post-Test



The strength and structure of the Savion DLVR guidewire provides the confidence you need to deliver targeted therapies distally. Expect maximum support with easier exchanges for your toughest cases, including pedal and retrograde access.


Improved performance

Maximum rail support with gradual distal transitions for improved performance

Accurate feedback

Uncoated 3 cm atraumatic distal tip designed for precise tactile feedback

Smooth tracking

ICE™ hydrophilic coating for excellent lubricity and smooth device tracking

* excluding distal 3 cm (uncoated)