Senri®- PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Low Profile PTA Balloon combining Finesse and Pushability. Senri is a Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) Balloon Dilatation Catheter for peripheral indications. It is designed specifically for the dilatation of stenosis in arteries, veins, or artificial blood vessels in regions other than cephalic, cervical and cardiac vessels.

Manufacturer Info


Why to use it

Low profile semi-compliant balloon, hydrophilic coated
* Featuring a low crossing profile, by a 3-folded (ø2.0-6.0mm) and 4-folded (ø7.0-8.0mm) balloon with high flexibility intended to facilitate crossability and trackability.^1
* The distal 45 cm catheter segment is hydrophilic coated to facilitate navigation through complex anatomy. ^1

Dedicated shaft design
* Combines the pushability of a stainless steel hypotube shaft with the kink resistance of a polymer shaft, even for cross-over procedures in sharp angulated bifurcations.
* Maintains very fast deflation times. ^1

Broad range of sizes
* Balloon diameters from 2-8mm and lengths up to 150mm – suitable for a great variety of peripheral interventional procedures within intended use.



1. Tested against selected competitors. Data on file. Terumo Corporation – Senri_Info201103


General specifications

Maximum guidewire0.018"/0.46mm
Catheter length150cm
Balloon diameter2.0-8.0mm
Balloon length40-150mm

Technical drawing legend

AHydrophilic coating 45 cm
BGuidewire lumen length: 30cm
C3.8 Fr / 1.27 mm
D3.4 Fr / 1.12 mm (others), 3.9 Fr / 1.30 mm (6x100, 6x120, 6x150 mm)

For additional information regarding specification, please visit the Terumo Website.