The LimFlow pDVA System

The LimFlow system consists of a family of fully percutaneous products designed to optimize perfusion of the critically ischemic foot by facilitating revascularization of the pedal arch.

The LimFlow system is a game-changing, percutaneous technology that creates a functional vascularization channel to the foot, once all other options have been exhausted. The proprietary LimFlow solution diverts a stream of highly oxygenated blood around diseased and occluded arteries and into the tibial veins, enhancing inflow and outflow dynamics. The resulting vascularization can perfuse the critically ischemic foot immediately.

Manufacturer Info

LimFLow LimFlow SA

Why to use it

As part of a multidisciplinary approach, the LimFlow procedure is designed to avoid amputation, resolve rest pain and promote wound healing. The LimFlow System leverages the proven benefits of deep venous arterialization in a safe, reproducible and less invasive manner, without the morbidity and complications associated with open surgery