VascuFlex® 5F & 6F

VascuFlex® is a self-expanding stent system consisting of
two main components: (a) a self-expanding Nitinol stent
with Tantal markers, mounted on (b) a co-axial delivery
system. The delivery system is introduced into the body
through an introducer sheath over a guide wire
and advanced up to the stenosis or the occlusion. After the
retraction of the exterior catheter of the delivery system,
the self-expanding mechanism of the stent is triggered by
the influence of the body temperature. Thus the stent
reaches its preshaped diameter and squeezes due to its
radial force excess material into the vessel wall, restoring
the patency.The stent is cut from a Nitinol tube by a laser into the
required size. During multiple manufacturing steps the stent
is given a so called “memory” shape
Exposed to body temperature, the stent expands to its
preshaped diameter. The stent features a high level of
flexibility and its high radial forces enable the patency of
the vessel.

Manufacturer Info

B. Braun

Why to use it

VascuFlex® is indicated for the following applications:
• atherosclerotic diseases of the peripheral arteries, e.g. A.
iliaca, A. femoralis and A. femoralis superficialis and in
other vessels which correspond in their anatomic
dimensions to the available sizes of stents.
• treatment of bile duct strictures.
VascuFlex® 5F transradial/transbrachial is not indicated for
treating bile duct strictures.