VascuFlex® Multi-LOC

The VascuFlex® Multi-LOC system is an innovative stent
system for peripheral vascular application that consists of
several 13 mm long self-expanding nitinol stents on a single
carrier system.
A total of 6 stents are premounted on the coaxial carrier
system, and either all or part of these can be placed in the
blood vessel as required. To do this, the surgeon releases one
or more stents at a specific site (target lesion), moves the
entire stent system with the remaining stents up to the next
diseased section and there once more releases one or more
stents, depending on the situation. This process can be
continued as appropriate for the length and number of
lesions until all six stents have been implanted.
The VascuFlex® Multi-LOC stent system is introduced into
the body through a 6F (2 mm) sheath introducer and via a
0.035″ (0.89 mm) guide wire and is advanced up to the
stenosis that has been treated beforehand by means of a
balloon catheter, or up to the occlusion.

Manufacturer Info

B. Braun

Why to use it

The VascuFlex® Multi-LOC system offers a significant
advantage when stenting vascular segments subject to
strong mechanical strain by bending and stretching, such as
the popliteal or femoral artery. Here, the stents can be
placed individually, only where the scaffolding properties of a stent are really needed. Therewith VascuFlex® Multi-LOC maintains the natural vessel movement and provides a true alternative to long stents in peripheral arteries.

VascuFlex® Multi-LOC


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