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Comment on Jun 13, 2020

Kinya Matsui commented on presentation Type A dissection: The endovascular solution.

»Thank you for good presentation. If in the case of 96y Female,mild CKD,Debakey type II., spontaneous healing with medication(BP control,Tranexamic acid、、、etc.) will be expected?«
Case report

Type A dissection: The endovascular solution

We report a case of a type A dissection after TAVI procedure in 82-year-old fragile high-risk patient.

This work could be of interest because we decided to perform a bailout TEVAR procedure to treat a type A dissection with a primary entry tear in middle segment of the ascending aorta because the severe comobordities of the patient do not allow to proceed to the standard surgical repair.

The current endovascular stent graft technology could offer an alternative and emerging treatment option in selected high-risk patients with acute type A dissection who are unfit for surgical repair

April 5, 2020 2 Comments
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Question to the Vascupedians

Pseudoaneurysm of a superior mesenteric artery branch with an artery-to-portal vein fistula.

This work could be of interest because the clinical scenario represents a rare entity. Moreover the endovascular technique of coil embolization required particular attention to avoid distal coils embolization into the portal vein due to the high-flow of the arterovenous fistula.

May 10, 2019 No Comments
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Question to the Vascupedians

Two cases of tibial vessel post-traumatic pseudoaneurysm: still space for surgery ?

We report two cases of tibial vessel pseudoaneurysms. Due to the endovascular failure and their location, these lesions may require surgical intervention and removal. The presentation, the diagnostic evaluation, and the surgical management of the pseudaneurysms are discussed.

November 11, 2018 No Comments
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