Omar Jibrel

Devoted Surgeon for promoting, advancing Vascular Surgery and Endovascular approaches.
  • Function: Specialist
  • Speciality: General Surgery
  • Country: BH
  • Working place: Al-Salam Specialist Hospital, Riffa, BH


Comment on Jun 05, 2018

Giovanni Torsello commented on presentation Carotid artery endarterectomy with patchplasty: step by step procedure.

»Thank you, Dr. Dr. Georgakarakos for your comment. I have no personal experience with bovine pericardium but a long positive experience with Dacron patch. Therefore I have not changed my strategy. Until 1997 I have used autologous vein as patch material. However, by Duplex US I found increased dilatation of the treated segment sometimes also with parietal thrombus load. This is the reason why I switched to alloplastic material. For elongated ICA our preferred technique is the eversion. For the next weeks we are preparing a video. In case you have alternatives please feel free to show your own experience. Warm regards G.Torsello«