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Comment on Dec 26, 2023

Efstratios Georgakarakos commented on presentation Management of vascular trauma of the upper limbs.

»Very thorough presentation, directly to the point! Brings up the combination of endo- and open repair techniques in modern trauma era. Also, take into consideration the the incidence of upper limb trauma is increased due to iatrogenic traumas (i.e,, catheterization-related traumas). Every hospital (regardless of its trauma-level type) should be able to provide basic vascular trauma handling.«
Review of the literature

Abdominal compartment syndrome after EVAR: a serious issue

Dr. Martin Björck (Uppsala University, Sweden) summarizes in this presentation all important clinical and therapeutic aspects of abdominal compartment syndrome after EVAR for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). Moreover, the author discusses the clinical consequences of ACS and provides important recommendations about monitoring techniques and treatment.

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Technical note

Management and tricks in treating aortic endograft infections

Dr. Xavier Berard (Bordeaux University Hospital) presents in a unique way a comprehensive overview of all currently available treatment strategies for the challenging aortic endograft infections. This includes information about the optimal surgical approach and access, tips and tricks on how to remove the endograft with or without suprarenal fixation and the ideal material (biologic or synthetic) to repair the aortic root.

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Technical note

Management of vascular trauma of the upper limbs

Dr. Giovanni Tinelli presents a very comprehensive overview regarding the treatment of the vascular trauma of upper limbs. His presentation includes all relevant information about definition and anatomy, classification of the injury, the different types of treatment and tips from his personal experience.

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