Instructions for authors

Updated 01 May 2018, Copyright Vascupedia


Aim and Scope of Vascupedia


Vascupedia has two main aims:

(1) to educate all physicians dealing with the medical, surgical and endovascular treatment of vascular disease worldwide and

(2) to provide awareness and information regarding the epidemiology, diagnostics, and the treatment of vascular disease in all subjects who are interested in Vascular Medicine.

To achieve these goals, Vascupedia will publish original or experimental studies, case reports, technical notes, video cases and any other word regarding relevant socioeconomic, ethical and legal issues, in the form of presentations.


Who is able to upload content?


Visiting the Vascupedia website is free of charge. In order to upload your content or to make any comment, you must be registered as a Vascupedian and to confirm that you are a healthcare professional. The Vascupedia team reserves the right to demand your work credentials anytime to control the reliability of your registration data. In case that the registration data are not true or do not belong to a natural person, all uploads and comments of this account will be deleted automatically.


Official language


Manuscripts and presentation considered for publication must be written in English. The authors are responsible for any linguistic faults or incorrections. However, the Vascupedia team keeps the right to temporarily remove the presentation and send it back to the author for linguistic revision, if this is necessary.


Areas of interest


During the submission of your presentation, you have to select one or more Area(s) of interest, based on the content of your presentation. This will help the Users to find simpler your uploads in the library of the website. The Areas of Interest are:

  2. AORTA
  5. VEINS


Type of presentation

You have to select the type of your work. Thus, it is not necessary to add this information in the title of your presentation. You are able to select one of the following types:



Requirements for each type of presentation


The authors should read the Editorial Policy of Vascupedia prior to any submission. The submitted work must comply with good clinical practice guidelines and the human and animal studies guidelines of the authors’ institution. Authors should provide detailed information about originality, patient consent, conflict of interests and funding.


All presentations should be submitted in pdf form and should not exceed 20MB. All videos should be in .MP4 format and should not exceed 500MB and/or 5min. The preferred codec is H264. Authors will be notified if there are any problems with submitted files and asked to resubmit modified files. Image editing and correct formatting are the author’s responsibility. We suggest the use of URL links to YouTube, Vimeo or other video platforms for video files larger than 300MB.


Structure of the presentation


Title page: The first slide of each presentation requires a complete title page. The title page should include:


(1) Title of the presentation: Titles must accurately reflect the content of the presentation. They can have the form of a question, they can include any punctuation making them two parts and they can include the institution name. Please do not restate the type of article.


(2) The name of the healthcare professional with or without the names of other co-authors. The user, who uploads the presentation carries the responsibility for the fair and right listing of all contributing physicians as co-authors.


(3) Authors affiliation (Department, Institution, City)


(4) Presentation or publication information. Example: This study was presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the European Society of Vascular Surgery, Lyon, France, September 19-22, 2017 or This study has been published: Schroeder et al. Anatomical Suitability of the Zenith Off-the-Shelf (p-Branch) Endograft in Juxtarenal Aortic Aneurysms Previously Treated Using the Chimney Technique. J Endovasc Ther. 2017 Apr;24(2):223-229


(5) Optional: Email address


The structure and the number of slides for each type article is the author’s responsibility. Please avoid putting any kind of text or figure on top of each other.

Regardless the type of presentation, the authors have the option to add a slide entitled ‘Questions to Vascupedians’, where they can provide 1 to 5 questions as the basis for the forum below each presentation.


Videos with recorded cases


Videos are allowed only for the following type of articles:

(1) Vascular Imaging (CT/MR-scan or 3D reconstructions)

(2) Questions to Vascupedians or

(3) Case reports

A short case presentation is mandatory before the submission of the video in all types of articles. The case report should at least include the intraoperative treatment and the issues, which need to be highlighted. Preoperative imaging, as well as follow-up images, are more than welcome.


There are four ways to provide a recorded case

a) Without any voice or text (it is not recommended)

b) With a voice in the background explaining the procedure

c) With a text within the video explaining the procedure

d) b+c together



The authors should follow the general guidelines in the AMA Manual of Style (10th ed., 2007). References to articles in press must include authors’ names, the title of the article, and the name of the journal. Presentations in other international vascular meetings (e.g. VEITH, Charing Cross. LINC etc) can be cited as references as well. The accuracy of the references is the responsibility of the authors. Regardless the number of authors list only the first one, then et al.



  • Format for journal articles:

Goldman S et al. Radial artery grafts vs saphenous vein grafts in coronary artery bypass surgery: a randomized trial. 2011 Jan 12;305(2):167-74

Alternatively, you can add an image to the title page of the article including authors, title, and journal. Any missing information (e.g. issue, year of publication, pages) should be added below the image. In case of epub ahead of print please provide the doi of the article.

  • Format for presentation in international meetings:

Torsello LINC 2017

  • Format for books:

Last name, First initial. (Year published). Title. Edition. (Only include the edition if it is not the first edition), City published: Publisher, Page(s)


Type of article: Vascular images

Vascular images should be submitted in TIFF, JPEG, or EPS format and must have a resolution of at least 300 DPI at 3 inches wide. Each figure should be accompanied from a descriptive legend, which will be added before the final upload of the figure.

If a figure has been published previously elsewhere, permission to reprint the figure must be obtained. The latest must be provided upon the submission and acknowledge the source beneath the figure at


Intellectual property rights

The author remains the owner of the intellectual property connected to the presentation. At the same time, the author is liable for the content presented. Although Vascupedia reserves its right to ask for linguistic/style corrections, Vascupedia cannot be held accountable for the content itself. Authors utilizing tables, graphs, animations, videos and other intellectual property must be the owner of these elements or have the permission to use it.