Thank you!

Thank you, Vascupedians!

We are grateful and honored to have shared the first two months of Vascupedia with you. The aim of this website has been and always will be education in vascular medicine free for all.

It is clear that Vascupedia needs your input in order to give everyone a real benefit, so we’d like to thank Fernando Gallardo, Piero Montorsi, Maria Antonella Ruffino, Kostas Donas, Michael Lichtenberg, Efstratios Georgakarakos, Theodoros Kratimenos, Carlos Vaquero Puerta, Marco Lourenco, Roberto Ferraresi, Hirofumi Ohtani, Bella Huasen, Fabio Verzini, Martin Austermann, Antonio Micari, Marco Manzi, Makis Avgerinos, Arne Schwindt, Horst Sievert and Eric Hager for the outstanding material they have shared with us. You make us proud!

In the last two months, 20 lectures, 23 cases, 18 Reviews and 23 recorded video cases have been uploaded. We had more than 4,000 users, 34,000 page visits and most important of all, we are 348 Vascupedians!

This progress makes us proud and motivates us to keep pushing. But in order to make this project a success story, in order to provide excellent and free vascular education to physicians everywhere – we need you!

Share your latest cool case, your last lecture, your thoughts and vote on the current topic (which is very controversial indeed). Also check out the exhibition area, which is growing by the day – you’ll find already very interesting products and a lot will follow!


Let’s provide vascular education for all,

Theo, Arne, Giovanni, Marc, Giovanni Federico, Martin, Özgün, Michel, Konstantinos, Efthymis and Bastian